share flatsome 3.5.1 original (Bản gốc)

share flatsome 3.5.1

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Share flatsome version 3.5.1. This’s newest version of Flatsome. 

This’s Orginal version download from

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Các thay đổi trong bản 4.5.1 này sẽ được cập nhật tại tab phiên bản nhé

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— 3.5.1 (07.02.18) —
FIXED: Account signup field at Checkout was hidden.
FIXED: Category images lazy loading for new WC 3.3 settings.
FIXED: Hidden labels when floating labels enabled on some checkout plugins.
FIXED: Sticky checkout sidebar glitches.

— 3.5.0 (06.02.18) —
NEW: Infinite Scroll option for Products.
NEW: Stacked image product layout option.
NEW: Sticky sidebar option for Cart and Checkout.
NEW: Floating label options for Checkout.
NEW: Option to move “E-mail” field to top of Checkout.
NEW: Header newsletter element auto popup settings.
NEW: “Fade” option for Slider element.
NEW: Bullet style options for Slider element.
NEW: WooCommerce 3.3 compatibility.

FIXED: Search element style setting (when individual added).
FIXED: Gallery element responsive column setting.
FIXED: Adding a link to image box vertical style hided it’s image.
FIXED: Corrected mis-margin for scroll for more button.
FIXED: Instagram auto slider and bullets settings.
FIXED: Search results page did not show up if a custom “Shop Homepage Content” was used.
FIXED: Select Image button event for FF. (for WP editor shortcode)
FIXED: Slider bullet style setting.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

TWEAK: Improved mobile cart.
TWEAK: Improved integration with Sensei.
TWEAK: It’s now possible to set map color to no color.
TWEAK: Mini cart (dropdown/off canvas) is now disabled on cart and checkout.

UPDATED: Russian translation (Shopping Cart).

INFO WooCommerce 3.3:
– Has integrated thumbnail regeneration, this makes the Regenerate Thumbnails technically obsolete from this version.
– Product image size settings are now in the customizer (check these new settings!), thumbnails will be regenerated when changing them.
– The category widget will show a new category ‘Uncategorized’, enable ‘Hide empty categories’ in the widget to hide it.

Note: This’s Orginal version download from themeforest. Don’t worry about it.

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